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OpenVPN 3 Linux client

Manual section:1
Manual group:OpenVPN 3 Linux


openvpn3 sessions-list -h | --help


Lists all running VPN sessions, including configuration names and D-Bus session paths. It will only enlist sessions which the user has been granted access to or owns.

The configuration name being returned is the name which was current when the session was started. If the configuration was renamed afterwards, both the new and old name will be shown. If the configuration profile has been removed since the VPN session started, this will be indicated as well.


-h, --help Print usage and help details to the terminal


openvpn3(1) openvpn3-session-acl(1) openvpn3-session-manage(1) openvpn3-session-start(1) openvpn3-session-stats(1)

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