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OpenVPN 3 Linux client

Manual section:1
Manual group:OpenVPN 3 Linux


openvpn3 [ COMMAND ] [ OPTIONS ]
openvpn3 [ COMMAND ] -h | --help
openvpn3 -h | --help | help


The openvpn3 utility is the main management tool for managing and configuring OpenVPN configuration profiles as well as VPN sessions.

This utility is based upon a "command" approach, where the first argument to openvpn3 will always be a command operator. Each of the available commands have their own set of options.


version - Show OpenVPN 3 version information

Configuration management

config-import - Import configuration profiles

config-manage - Manage configuration properties

config-acl - Manage access control lists for configurations

config-show - Show/dump a configuration profile

config-remove - Remove an available configuration profile

configs-list - List all available configuration profiles

Session management

session-start - Start a new VPN session

session-manage - Manage VPN sessions

session-acl - Manage access control lists for sessions

session-stats - Show session statistics

sessions-list - List available VPN sessions

Log commands

log - Receive log events as they occur


openvpn2(1) openvpn3-config-import(1) openvpn3-config-acl(1) openvpn3-config-show(1) openvpn3-config-remove(1) openvpn3-configs-list(1) openvpn3-session-start(1) openvpn3-session-manage(1) openvpn3-session-acl(1) openvpn3-session-stats(1) openvpn3-sessions-list(1) openvpn3-log(1) openvpn3-admin(8)

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