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This release is mostly about updating VSPAERO to version 4.1.  This
includes an unsteady formulation for control derivatives and some general
speed and robustness improvements.  The GUI integration of VSPAERO has
been updated to match v4.1.

New geometry modeling options in this version include ellipsoids and
von Karman Trefftz airfoils and CST airfoils are now available for
Fuselage and Stack.

In addition, lots of bug fixes all around.  Too many to list to VSPAERO
integration and the parasite drag buildup tool.  In addition, a tricky
bug in IGES/STEP export and a really old bug that nobody has ever noticed.

All around, you'll certainly want to update.

 - Update VSPAERO to v4.1 -- unsteady formulation and lots of fixes
 - Update VSPAERO integration to support v4.1
 - Add ellipsoid geom type
 - Add von Karman-Trefftz airfoil type
 - Add CST Airfoils to Fuselage and Stack

Bug Fixes:
 - Fix bugs in parasite drag
 - Fix split surface problem for IGES/STEP export
 - Fix VSPAERO rotor induced velocity terms
 - Fix VSPAERO integration issues
 - Simplify file insert to avoid crashes
 - Fix bug where DisplayNames sometimes don't get updated
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