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Main Repo for the OpenVic Project

Quickstart Guide

For detailed instructions, view the Contributor Quickstart Guide here

System Requirements

See System Requirements.

Repo Setup

  1. Clone the OpenVic Repo to a suitable folder using the git command git clone
  2. Update the submodules by executing the git command git submodule update --init --recursive

Note that using a zip download instead of cloning means a lot of work in manually managing submodules individually. It is strongly recommended to use git to obtain the source code.

See Cloning.

Build/Run Instructions

  1. Install Godot 4.2.1 and scons for your system.
  2. Run the command git submodule update --init --recursive to retrieve all related submodules.
  3. Run scons in the project root, you should see a libopenvic file in game/bin/openvic.
  4. Open with Godot 4, click import and navigate to the game directory.
  5. Press "Import & Edit", wait for the Editor to finish re-importing assets, and then close the Editor without saving and reopen the project.
  6. Once loaded, click the play button at the top right, and you should see and hear the game application open on the main menu.

See Run, Build, and Export.

Project Export

  1. Build the extension with scons or scons target=template_debug. (or scons target=template_release for release)
  2. Open game/project.godot with Godot 4.
  3. Click Project at the top left, click Export.
  4. If you do not have the templates, you must download the templates, there is highlighted white text at the bottom of the Export subwindow that opens up the template manager for you to download.
  5. Click Export All:
    • If you built with the default or debug target you must export with Debug.
    • If you built with the release target you must export Release.
  6. Files will be found in platform specific directories in game/export:
    • On Windows run game/export/Windows/OpenVic.exe.
    • On Linux x86_64 run game/export/Linux-x86_64/

See Run, Build, and Export.

Extension Debugging

  1. If in a clean build, build the extension with scons.
  2. Build with scons dev_build=yes.
  3. Setup your IDE so your Command/Host/Launching App is your Godot 4 binary and the Working Directory is the game directory.
  4. Start the debugger.

See Debugging.