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Who we are

The OpenVnmrJ project is a community that revolves around OpenVnmrJ as a piece of software. OpenVnmrJ resulted from the open-source release of commercial software for NMR spectrometers and MRI scanners. We are a group of NMR/MRI instrument users and open-source developers who develop, use, document, and promote OpenVnmrJ, NMR/MRI instruments and data stations running OpenVnmrJ, and other related activities for our mutual benefit.

See OpenVnmrJ for more information.


OpenVnmrJ is the open-sourced parts of VnmrJ 4.2, used for NMR Data processing and acquisition. For release information and supported operating systems, see the GitHub OpenVnmrJ repository.

OpenVnmrJ is designed to be very extensible with:

  • A rich set of macros, written in MAGICAL
  • A very configurable interface, using XML assets
  • A comprehensive library of pulse programs, written in C, usually with macros and XML files to ease setting up experiments and processing data
  • All these are open sourced and can use help to maintain code, fix bugs, add new features, and improve the user experience for all uses of OpenVnmrJ.

Using this repository

This repository is for people that want to download, compile, fix and contribute back to the community.

If you only want to download and run OpenVnmrJ, you should get a pre-built archive and install a local copy. See Downloading for more information.

Spectrometer users, read this

  • OpenVnmrJ can be used for spectrometer control if VnmrJ 4.2 is installed but
    • ** Do not delete the Agilent supplied VnmrJ on your spectrometer **
    • Agilent service requires VnmrJ 4.2
  • The spectrometer console software is NOT open sourced
  • If a copy of VnmrJ 4.2 is found during installation, the spectrometer acquisition components will be copied into OpenVnmrJ


See the file Contributing to get started.


The University of Oregon ("University of Oregon" or "UO") legally owns the project copyright and other assets.


Most of the code and documentation are licensed under the Apache 2.0 license, but some subcomponents use other licenses. See the License file for more information.


To the fullest extent allowed by law, the work is provided "as-is" with no warrantees whatsoever, either expressed or implied, oral or written. Agilent and UO specifically disclaim any warrantees of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. This work is not a manufacturer's release version and its use may limit your support options from the original manufacturer of your equipment.


Website for openvnmrj, the open and free NMR processing software based on VnmrJ:







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