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Defines all control valve links contained in the network.


One line for each valve containing:

  • ID label
  • ID of start node
  • ID of end node
  • Diameter, inches (mm)
  • Valve type
  • Valve setting
  • Minor loss coefficient


1. Valve types and settings include:

Valve Type Setting
PRV (pressure reducing valve) Pressure, psi (m)
PSV (pressure sustaining valve) Pressure, psi (m)
PBV (pressure breaker valve) Pressure, psi (m)
FCV (flow control valve) Flow (flow units)
TCV (throttle control valve) Loss Coefficient
GPV (general purpose valve) ID of head loss curve

2. Shutoff valves and check valves are considered to be part of a pipe, not a separate control valve component (see [PIPES])

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