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int ENgetlinkvalue( int index, int paramcode, float* value ) 

Description: Retrieves the value of a specific link parameter.


  • index:             link index
  • paramcode:    parameter code (see below)
  • value:             parameter value

Returns: Returns an error code.

Notes: Link indexes are consecutive integers starting from 1.

Link parameter codes consist of the following constants:

EN_DIAMETER 0 Diameter
EN_LENGTH 1 Length
EN_ROUGHNESS 2 Roughness coeff.
EN_MINORLOSS 3 Minor loss coeff.
EN_INITSTATUS 4 Initial link status (0 = closed, 1 = open)
EN_INITSETTING 5 Roughness for pipes, initial speed for pumps, initial setting for valves
EN_KBULK 6 Bulk reaction coeff.
EN_KWALL 7 Wall reaction coeff.
EN_FLOW 8 Flow rate
EN_VELOCITY 9 Flow velocity
EN_HEADLOSS 10 Head loss
EN_STATUS 11 Actual link status (0 = closed, 1 = open)
EN_SETTING 12 Roughness for pipes, actual speed for pumps, actual setting for valves
EN_ENERGY 13 Energy expended in kwatts

Parameters 8 - 14 (EN_FLOW through EN_LINKQUAL) are computed values. The others are design parameters.

Flow rate is positive if the direction of flow is from the designated start node of the link to its designated end node, and negative otherwise.

Values are returned in units which depend on the units used for flow rate in the EPANET input file (see [Units of Measurement](Units of Measurement)).

See Also: ENgetlinkindex

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