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Stand on the shoulders of Giants!

There has been many authors of SWMM since the beginning of time. The following includes the list of authors for SWMM since their first contribution:

SWMM 1 (1971)

Metcalf and Eddy, University of Florida and Water Resources Engineers

SWMM 2 (1975)

Huber, W.C., Heaney, J.P., Medina, M.A., Peltz, W.A., Sheikh, H. and G.F. Smith, University of Florida

EXTRAN 1 (1977)

Shubinski, Aldrich, CDM

SWMM 3 (1981)

Huber, W.C., Heaney J.P., Nix, S.J., Dickinson, R.E. and D.J. Polmann, University of Florida

EXTRAN 3 (1981)

Shubinski, R. P, Roesner, L.A., Aldrich, J.A, CDM

SWMM 4 (1988)

Huber, W.C., R.E. Dickinson, University of Florida

EXTRAN 4 (1988)

Roesner, L.A., Aldrich, J.A, R.E. Dickinson, CDM and University of Florida

SWMM 5 (2005)

Lewis A Rossman, and R.E. Dickinson

The United States Environmental Protection Agency and CDM, Respectively

More Acknowledgements Pulled From the Storm Water Management Model Reference Manual Volume I Hydrology (Revised) 2015

SWMM Reference Manual V1: Hydrology (2015)

This report was written by Lewis A. Rossman, Environmental Scientist Emeritus, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Cincinnati, OH and Wayne C. Huber, Professor Emeritus, School of Civil and Construction Engineering, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR. The authors would like to acknowledge the contributions made by the following individuals to previous versions of SWMM that we drew heavily upon in writing this report: John Aldrich, Douglas Ammon, Carl W. Chen, Brett Cunningham, Robert Dickinson, James Heaney, Wayne Huber, Miguel Medina, Russell Mein, Charles Moore, Stephan Nix, Alan Peltz, Don Polmann, Larry Roesner, Lewis Rossman, Charles Rowney, and Robert Shubinsky. Finally, we wish to thank Lewis Rossman, Wayne Huber, Thomas Barnwell (US EPA retired), Richard Field (US EPA retired), Harry Torno (US EPA retired) and William James (University of Guelph) for their continuing efforts to support and maintain the program over the past several decades. Portions of this document were prepared under Purchase Order 2C-R095-NAEX to Oregon State University.