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Open Water Project

Free and Open Source hardware, software, and reference designs for water monitoring applications.

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  1. riffle_328 riffle_328 Public

    The main repo for the Atmel 328 variant of the Riffle datalogger device.

    Eagle 13 8

  2. riffle_328-conductivity riffle_328-conductivity Public

    Forked from dwblair/riffle-conductivity

    10 1

  3. HydroServer HydroServer Public

    Forked from mitmedialab/TheBabblingBrook

    A talking flower. The beginning of a Environmental Jokes API.

    Python 3 1

  4. riffle_328-turbidity riffle_328-turbidity Public

    Forked from dwblair/riffle-turbidity

    HTML 3 2

  5. riffle_328-depth riffle_328-depth Public

    Forked from dwblair/riffle-depth

    Arduino 3 1

  6. Public

    Homepage for the OpenWaterProject

    HTML 1


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