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Annual Report(10-K) Explainable Sentence Dataset

Explainable Sentence Dataset Description

Explainable Sentence Dataset contains ~160,000 sentences (extracted from 'Management's Discussion & Analysis' of Annual Reports (1996-2018)). Sentences from this dataset provide reasons for changes in the company's stock price.

Sample data



  1. Extract "Management's Discussion & Analysis' from Annual Report.
  2. Extract explainable sentences from 1.

Dataset Reference

'Management's Discussion & Analysis' of Annual Reports(1996-2006) These data were primarily by Bryan Routledge, Shimon Kogan, Jacob Sagi, and Noah Smith.

Preprocessing Reference

We followed the MDA extraction method from the paper "Predicting Risk from Financial Reports with Regression"


You can access to the dataset through this link. not open yet, so if you want to download dataset please email to


Project Name

A machine learning and statistical inference framework for explainable artificial intelligence(의사결정 이유를 설명할 수 있는 인간 수준의 학습·추론 프레임워크 개발)

Managed by

Ministry of Science and ICT/XAIC

Participated Affiliation

UNIST, Korea Univ., Yonsei Univ., KAIST., AItrics

Web Site