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Latest commit 3730a68 Jul 19, 2019
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classes openxt_image_types: Support ext4 disk images Apr 26, 2019
conf Merge pull request #1196 from jandryuk/rm-save-rtc Jul 8, 2019
files base-file: Ammend rootfs default layout Mar 23, 2018
recipes-bsp shim: switch to upstream + patchqueue Apr 4, 2019
recipes-connectivity [krb5] Backport krb5 CVE-2017-11462 Jul 2, 2019
recipes-devtools Merge pull request #1198 from crogers1/oxt-1629 Jul 10, 2019
recipes-gnome libxklavier: Remove local recipe. Jul 5, 2019
recipes-graphics [xserver-xorg] Upgrade to 1.19.5 for CVEs Jul 2, 2019
recipes-kernel [linux] Upgrade from 4.19.44 to 4.19.53 Jun 24, 2019
recipes-multimedia/libsndfile [libsndfile1] Port 1.0.28 from oe-core master Jul 2, 2019
recipes-sato [uivm] Replace v4v with argo Jun 18, 2019
.gitignore .gitignore: Clean out old rules for build output. Dec 21, 2014
COPYING.MIT Initial commit Jun 12, 2014
LICENSE Initial commit Jun 12, 2014
README Replace old README from the XCI days with pointers to current OpenXT Aug 25, 2014


This repository is home of the OpenXT OpenEmbedded build metadata.
For information about OpenXT see our website @
For instructions on how to build OpenXT from source see our GitHub wiki @

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