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Xbox One SmartGlass client library for .NET

GitHub Workflow - Build NuGet Discord

Build from source

cd xbox-smartglass-sharp
dotnet build

Command line tool

Print usage

dotnet run -p SmartGlass.Cli -- --help

API usage

Discover consoles

using SmartGlass;

IEnumerable<SmartGlass.Device> devices = await SmartGlass.Device.DiscoverAsync();

foreach (SmartGlass.Device device in devices)
    Console.WriteLine($"{device.Name} ({device.HardwareId}) {device.Address}");

Power on console

using SmartGlass;

string liveId = "FD0123456789";
SmartGlass.Device device = await SmartGlass.Device.PowerOnAsync(liveId);
Console.WriteLine($"{device.Name} ({device.HardwareId}) {device.Address}");

Connect to console

using SmartGlass;

SmartGlassClient client = null;

    client = await SmartGlassClient.ConnectAsync("");
catch (SmartGlassException e)
    Console.WriteLine($"Failed to connect: {e.Message}");
catch (TimeoutException)
    Console.WriteLine($"Timeout while connecting");

Start Nano (gamestreaming)

using SmartGlass;
using SmartGlass.Channels;
using SmartGlass.Channels.Broadcast;
using SmartGlass.Common;
using SmartGlass.Nano;
using SmartGlass.Nano.Packets;

SmartGlassClient client = /* Connect to console */;

// Get general gamestream configuration
GamestreamConfiguration config = GamestreamConfiguration.GetStandardConfig();
/* Modify standard config, if desired */

GamestreamSession session = await client.BroadcastChannel.StartGamestreamAsync(config);

    $"Connecting to NANO // TCP: {session.TcpPort}, UDP: {session.UdpPort}");

NanoClient nano = new NanoClient(hostName, session);

// General Handshaking & Opening channels
await nano.InitializeProtocolAsync();

// Audio & Video client handshaking
// Sets desired AV formats
AudioFormat audioFormat = nano.AudioFormats[0];
VideoFormat videoFormat = nano.VideoFormats[0];
await nano.InitializeStreamAsync(audioFormat, videoFormat);

// Start ChatAudio channel
AudioFormat chatAudioFormat = new AudioFormat(1, 24000, AudioCodec.Opus);
await nano.OpenChatAudioChannelAsync(chatAudioFormat);

IConsumer consumer = /* initialize consumer */;

// Start consumer, if necessary

// Tell console to start sending AV frames
await nano.StartStreamAsync();

// Start Controller input channel
await nano.OpenInputChannelAsync(1280, 720);

/* Run a mainloop, to gather controller input events or similar */


The wrong network interface gets choosen for SmartGlass communication

Solution: Before doing any network I/O with the library, set the BindAddress to the local IP address of the desired interface.

using System.Net;
using SmartGlass;

// Adjust to your actual local IP address
GlobalConfiguration.BindAddress = IPAddress.Parse("");

// Do stuff

Project originally developed by Joel Day

Special thanks to Team OpenXbox for their contribution of documentation, tools and samples for the SmartGlass protocol.

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