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This project aims to be a multi-lingual interface to the [OpenZWave library] (, a C++ library for the ZWave wireless home automation protocol, using two enabling technologies, which are:

  • Apache Thrift ( ) as the RPC abstraction service
  • STOMP ( ) as a means to store & transmit OpenZWave's notifications over the network (since Thrift lacks asynchronous calls other than exceptions)

The project, after successful compilation, creates an "OpenZWave daemon" (ozwd) which opens up 1) a server port for Thrift in order to receive commands and pass them through OpenZWave to your ZWave controller (usually a USB stick) and 2) a client port to a STOMP server so as to publish notifications on asynchronous events that the OpenZWave library generates.

Thus you can have access to the wonderful world of ZWave with the help of OpenZWave from all languages currently supported by Apache Thrift which are, at the time of this writing: C++, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, Erlang, Perl, Haskell, C#, Cocoa, JavaScript, Node.js, Smalltalk, OCaml and Delphi.

(as a sidenote: I've recently forked and extended a node.js 0.10.x/0.12.x addon for OpenZWave, check out node-openzwave-shared if you specifically aim for server-side Javascript)

This is a simple diagram to illustrate the idea behind Thrift4OZW:

+--------------+ Thrift API    +---------------+ Open   +-------------+
| Zwave        | ------------> | Zwave daemon  | ZWave  | Zwave       |
| application  | (commands)    | (ozwd) - C++  | ====== | Controller  |
|              |               +---------------+ (C++)  | (USB or     |
|              |                       v                |  HIDAPI)    |
|              |               +---------------+        |             |
|              | notifications | STOMP Server  |        |             |
+--------------+ <------------ +---------------+        +-------------+
		 via STOMP subscription

These are the side-projects I'm using for this project:

Thrift Server Creator (create_server.rb)

A hackity Ruby script I wrote to automatically create useful Thrift server bindings (instead of silly "your code goes here", as produced by Thrift). Uses RbGCCXML ( ) to parse both source + target and then tries to create compilable & working code.

BoostStomp - a C++ STOMP client

A homegrown C++ client for STOMP, built using only the Boost libraries. Makes use of Boost's ASIO (Asynchronous I/O) model as well as some other useful Boost facilities. It provides the asynchronous notification mechanism used to pass OpenZWave notifications to Thrift4OZW. For more info about BoostStomp, check out its homepage:


A daemon exposing the OpenZWave API via Apache Thrift (and some useful tools)



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