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Add new product type and id for the 2GIG CT101

New product type and id for 2GIG CT101. Confirmed full functionality/testing with actual hardware. While OpenHAB reports this device as a CT100, it does have a humidity sensor which makes it a CT101. This one of the Iris models but strangely not listed yet.
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mtannertdev committed Jan 28, 2019
1 parent 74e0598 commit 0dfc7f8708a2241eaf31949ca60f7401d2426240
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@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@
<Product type="6401" id="01fd" name="CT100 Thermostat USA" config="2gig/ct100.xml"/>
<Product type="6402" id="0100" name="CT100 Plus Thermostat" config="2gig/ct100.xml"/>
<Product type="6402" id="0001" name="CT100 Plus Thermostat" config="2gig/ct100.xml"/>
<Product type="6501" id="000b" name="CT101 Thermostat (Iris)" config="2gig/ct101.xml"/>
<Product type="6501" id="000c" name="CT101 Thermostat (Iris)" config="2gig/ct101.xml"/>
<Product type="6501" id="000d" name="CT101 Thermostat" config="2gig/ct101.xml"/>

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