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Added Telldus TZWP-102

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flopp999 committed Jun 18, 2018
1 parent 04d3b1d commit 10104b3bfd22ef75c606587dbad401d1a56ace9d
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@@ -1141,6 +1141,7 @@
<Manufacturer id="0176" name="Telldus">
<Product type="0003" id="0001" name="TZWP-100 Plug-in Switch" config="telldus/tzwp100.xml"/>
<Product type="0003" id="0003" name="TZWP-102 Plug-in Switch" config="telldus/tzwp102.xml"/>
<Product type="0005" id="0001" name="TZDW-100 Magnet Switch" config="telldus/tzdw100.xml"/>
<Manufacturer id="0048" name="Telsey">

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