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Update manufacturer_specific.xml

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dav76df committed Jun 4, 2018
1 parent 6e016dc commit 31cb35ba8ea2b9b32daba8a72b0ebe316ac52bd4
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@@ -1252,6 +1252,7 @@
<Product type="0102" id="1020" name="TZ66D Dual Wall Switch" config="wenzhou/tz66d.xml"/>
<Product type="0202" id="0611" name="TZ67 Wall Plug Dimmer" config="wenzhou/tz67.xml"/>
<Product type="0311" id="0305" name="TZ79 Power meter Relay Switch" config="wenzhou/tz79.xml"/>
<Product type="0311" id="0304" name="TZ74 Dual Switch" config="wenzhou/tz74.xml"/>
<Manufacturer id="0149" name="wiDom">
<Product type="0012" id="0104" name="UBS104 Universal Relay Switch" config="widom/UBS104.xml"/>

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