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Add Tronika/ Nexa Dimmer

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zipperten committed Mar 11, 2019
1 parent b97a1ee commit 7c9369ba65439e2cf7846cff2abca9d5fc7c9d70
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  1. +1 −0 config/manufacturer_specific.xml
  2. +65 −0 config/tronika/zv9101.xml
@@ -1995,6 +1995,7 @@
<Manufacturer id="0330" name="Tronika">
<Product type="0003" id="a10d" name="Touch Panel Wall Controller - ZSC-01D" config="tronika/zsc01d.xml"/>
<Product type="0200" id="d005" name="Dimmer ZV-9101" config="tronika/zv9101.xml"/>
<Manufacturer id="0049" name="Twisthink">
@@ -0,0 +1,65 @@
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Product xmlns=''>
Nexa/Tronika ZV-9101

<!-- Configuration -->
<CommandClass id="112">
<Value type="list" genre="config" instance="1" index="2" label="Saving state before power failure" size="1" value="1">
Saving state before power failure. Default Not saved.
<Item label="State NOT saved at power failure, all outputs are set to OFF upon power restore" value="0"/>
<Item label="State NOT saved at power failure, all outputs are set to ON upon power restore" value="1"/>
<Item label="State saved at power failure, all outputs are set to previous state upon power restore" value="2"/>
<Value type="list" genre="config" instance="1" index="3" label="Enable/disable to send the basic report" size="1" value="1">
<Help>Enable/disable to send the basic report to the Lifeline when the load state changed.
When value set as 1, re-power on the dimmer, it will send Basic report automatically. Default Enabled.
<Item label="Disable to send Basic report" value="0"/>
<Item label="Enable to send Basic report" value="1"/>
<Value type="byte" genre="config" instance="1" index="4" label="Fade time." min="0" max="255" value="1">
<Help>Fade time (units betwen 1-127 represent 1-127 seconds. Units Betwen 128-244 represent minutes, 128 = 1 minute, 129 = 2 minutes..
This value has the same function as Duration of Multilevel). Default 1.
<Value type="byte" genre="config" instance="1" index="5" label="Setting minimum brightness value" min="0" max="50" value="0">
<Help>Setting minimum brightness value
Valid value: 0 - 50, the bigger the value is, the
higher the load’s minimum brightness is.

Note: when configure this value, the value of
Multilevel will be configured as 1 automatically
so that users can preview the corre-sponding
effect of minimum brightness value
<Value type="list" genre="config" instance="1" index="6" label="Choose MOSFET driving type" size="1" value="1">
Choose MOSFET driving type". Default trailing edge.
<Item label="Trailing edge" value="0"/>
<Item label="Leading edge" value="1"/>
<Value type="list" genre="config" instance="1" index="7" label="Enable/disable external switch to be added to and removed from a network" size="1" value="1">
<Help>Enable/disable external switch to be added to and removed from a network.
When enables this function, triple press the external switch within 1.5 seconds
to be added to or removed from a net-work. Defaul Enabled.
<Item label="Disable" value="0"/>
<Item label="Enable" value="1"/>
<!-- Association Groups -->
<CommandClass id="133">
<Associations num_groups="3">
<Group index="1" max_associations="1" label="Lifeline"/>
<Group index="2" max_associations="8" label="On/Off"/>
<Group index="3" max_associations="8" label="Dimmer"/>

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