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Added new device, zooz zse09, thanks @DeviantEng
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nechry committed Nov 1, 2016
2 parents 8a147cb + 0282b33 commit 801865d1207a4601362b435c59e65e661911b6f8
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@@ -985,6 +985,7 @@
<Manufacturer id="027a" name="Zooz">
<Product type="0003" id="0082" name="ZSE08 Contact Sensor" config="zooz/zse08.xml"/>
<Product type="0003" id="0083" name="ZSE09 Mini Sensor" config="zooz/zse09.xml"/>
<Product type="0003" id="0087" name="ZEN07 Mini Plug" config="zooz/zen07.xml"/>
<Manufacturer id="0021" name="Zykronix">
@@ -0,0 +1,54 @@
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Product xmlns=''>
<!-- Zooz ZSE09 Mini Sensor -->

<!-- Configuration Parameters -->
<CommandClass id="112">
<Value type="byte" genre="config" index="1" label="Motion Sensitivity" size="1" min="8" max="255" value="12">
<Help>Adjust motion detection sensitivity. Lower number is for higher sensitivity, while higher number os for lower sensitivity. Defaults to 12.</Help>
<Value type="short" genre="config" index="2" label="Trigger ON Duration" size="2" min="5" max="600" value="30" units="seconds">
<Help>Set the duration you want the associated device to stay ON after being triggered by the sensor before it automatically turns OFF, in seconds.</Help>
<Value type="byte" genre="config" index="3" label="Trigger Action" size="1" min="0" max="255" value="255">
<Help>Configure whether the Mini Sensor turns an associated device on or off when sending the BASIC_SET command. 0 is OFF, 255 is ON, and 1-99 is a percentage of light level. Value of 100-254 is NOT valid.</Help>
<Value type="list" genre="config" index="4" label="Motion Detection" size="1" min="0" max="255" value="255">
<Help>Enable or Disable motion detection.</Help>
<Item label="Disabled" value="0"/>
<Item label="Enabled" value="255"/>
<Value type="short" genre="config" index="5" label="Light Trigger Level" size="2" min="0" max="1000" value="100" units="lux">
<Help>Set light sensor as a secondary trigger for associated devices. If light level in a room falls beyond the set point and motion is detected, the Mini Sensor will send BASIC_SET command to assocated devices to turn ON.</Help>
<Value type="byte" genre="config" index="6" label="Motion Trigger Interval" size="1" min="1" max="8" value="8" units="seconds">
<Help>Adjust the time when motion is reported again after initial trigger, in seconds.</Help>
<Value type="short" genre="config" index="7" label="Light Polling Interval" size="2" min="60" max="36000" value="180" units="seconds">
<Help>How often the Mini Sensor reports light level to the controller and associated devices, in seconds.</Help>
<Value type="list" genre="config" index="8" label="Light Trigger" size="1" min="0" max="255" value="0">
<Help>Enable/Disable the light sensor as secondary trigger.</Help>
<Item label="Disabled" value="0"/>
<Item label="Enabled" value="255"/>
<Value type="byte" genre="config" index="9" label="Light Report" size="2" min="0" max="255" value="100" units="lux">
<Help>Change required to report to the controller, in lux.</Help>
<Value type="list" genre="config" index="10" label="LED Notification" size="1" min="0" max="1" value="1">
<Help>Enable or Disable LED Notification.</Help>
<Item label="Disabled" value="0"/>
<Item label="Enabled" value="1"/>

<!-- Association Groups -->
<CommandClass id="133">
<Associations num_groups="4">
<Group index="1" max_associations="5" label="Lifeline"/>
<Group index="2" max_associations="5" label="Control Command"/>
<Group index="3" max_associations="5" label="Notification report"/>
<Group index="4" max_associations="5" label="Binary sensor report"/>

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