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add support for tkb tz56s

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chrisns committed Dec 12, 2018
1 parent 4f17d0c commit 926f96e670099209bbb4784e038d87cbf39de0f6
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  1. +1 −0 config/manufacturer_specific.xml
  2. +22 −0 config/wenzhou/tz56s.xml
@@ -1321,6 +1321,7 @@
<Product type="0102" id="1020" name="TZ66D Dual Wall Switch" config="wenzhou/tz66d.xml"/>
<Product type="0202" id="0611" name="TZ67 Wall Plug Dimmer" config="wenzhou/tz67.xml"/>
<Product type="0311" id="0103" name="TZ69E Smart energy plug in switch" config="wenzhou/tz69.xml"/>
<Product type="0311" id="0202" name="TZ56S On/Off wall switch" config="wenzhou/tz56s.xml"/>
<Product type="0311" id="0203" name="TZ57 Two channel switch" config="wenzhou/tz57.xml"/>
<Product type="0311" id="0305" name="TZ79 Power meter Relay Switch" config="wenzhou/tz79.xml"/>
<Product type="0311" id="0304" name="TZ74 Dual Switch" config="wenzhou/tz74.xml"/>
@@ -0,0 +1,22 @@
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<Product xmlns=''>
<!-- Configuration -->
<CommandClass id="112">
<Value type="byte" genre="config" instance="1" index="1" label="Night light" min="0" max="1" value="1">
<Help>The LED on the TZ56S will by default, turn ON when the load attached is turned OFF. To make the LED turn ON when the load attached is turned ON instead, set parameter to a value of 1.</Help>
<Value type="byte" genre="config" instance="1" index="2" label="Memory Function" min="0" max="1" value="1">
<Help>Stated in the above form,switch by default value is 1,when the value is 0,switch memory function not open; when the value is 1,open switch memory function</Help>
<Value type="byte" genre="config" instance="1" index="3" label="Invert switch" min="0" max="1" value="0">
<Help>To change the top of the switch to OFF and the bottom of the switch ON , set parameter 4 to 1.</Help>
<Value type="byte" genre="config" instance="1" index="4" label="LED Transmission indication" min="0" max="2" value="1">
<Help>The TZ56-D will flicker its LED when it is transmitting to any of its 4 groups. This flickering can be set to not flicker at all (set to 0), to flicker the entire time it is transmitting (set to 1), or to flicker for only 1 second when it begins transmitting (set to 2). By default, the TZ56S is set to flicker for only 1 second.</Help>
<Value type="byte" genre="config" instance="1" index="5" label="Suspend Group 4" min="0" max="1" value="0">
<Help>Setting this parameter to the value of 1 will stop the TZ56S from transmitting to devices that are associated into Group 4.</Help>

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