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Merge pull request #1683 from mkowalchuk/master

Add another product id for the 2GIG CT100 (6401:01fd)
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nechry committed Jan 3, 2019
2 parents 51da0eb + 3d8da34 commit b91bbf65b59cfa65ef3c491eb0a4a408886b8327
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@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@
<Product type="5003" id="0109" name="CT80 Thermostat" config="2gig/ct80.xml"/>
<Product type="6401" id="0105" name="CT100 Thermostat" config="2gig/ct100.xml"/>
<Product type="6401" id="0107" name="CT100 Thermostat USA" config="2gig/ct100.xml"/>
<Product type="6401" id="01fd" name="CT100 Thermostat USA" config="2gig/ct100.xml"/>
<Product type="6402" id="0100" name="CT100 Plus Thermostat" config="2gig/ct100.xml"/>
<Product type="6402" id="0001" name="CT100 Plus Thermostat" config="2gig/ct100.xml"/>
<Product type="6501" id="000c" name="CT101 Thermostat (Iris)" config="2gig/ct101.xml"/>

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