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fixed typo in manufacture_specific.xml

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Derek Horn
Derek Horn committed Feb 8, 2019
1 parent fcc8032 commit cbeb75e66556d17fed9629c27cd98c415f6f9d2f
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1 config/manufacturer_specific.xml
@@ -2238,7 +2238,7 @@
<Product type="a000" id="a002" name="ZEN27 S2 Dimmer Wall Switch" config="zooz/zen27.xml" />
<Product type="b111" id="1e1c" name="ZEN21 Switch V2.0" config="zooz/zen21.xml" />
<Product type="000c" id="0003" name="ZSE19 S2 Multisiren" config="zooz/zse19.xml" />
<Product type="a000" id="a004" name="ZSE20 V2.0 Power Strip" config="zooz/zen20v2.xml" />
<Product type="a000" id="a004" name="ZEN20 V2.0 Power Strip" config="zooz/zen20v2.xml" />
<Manufacturer id="015d" name="Zooz (Willis Electric)">
<Product type="0651" id="f51c" name="ZEN20 Power Strip" config="zooz/zen20.xml" />

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