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philio relay pan05 ru

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PDarkTemplar committed Mar 8, 2019
1 parent 1d1c687 commit ce0f1d8dc3803633631bcc6af9286624a3a64545
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  1. +1 −0 config/manufacturer_specific.xml
  2. +52 −0 config/philio/pan05.xml
@@ -1500,6 +1500,7 @@
<Product type="0001" id="0001" name="PAN11-4 Smart Energy Plug In Switch"/>
<Product type="0001" id="0003" name="PAN04-1 Double Relay Switch 2x1.5kW with Power Measurement" config="philio/pan04.xml"/>
<Product type="0001" id="0004" name="PAN06-1 In Wall Dual Relay (1 Way) Switch Module" config="philio/pan06.xml"/>
<Product type="0001" id="0004" name="PAN05-1 In Wall Single relay (1 way) Switch" config="philio/pan05.xml"/>
<Product type="0001" id="0005" name="PAN07-1 TWO SPDT Switch module with meter" config="philio/pan07.xml"/>
<Product type="0001" id="0006" name="PAN08-1 In Wall Roller Shutter Controller" config="philio/pan08.xml"/>
<Product type="0001" id="000f" name="PAN03 Switch Module with meter 3 KW X1" config="philio/pan03.xml"/>
@@ -0,0 +1,52 @@
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Product xmlns="">
<!-- Configuration Parameters -->
<CommandClass id="112">
<Value type="list" genre="config" instance="1" index="1" label="Inputs S1 and S2 configuration" min="1" max="3" value="1" size="1">
<Help>To match different kind of external switches, the inputs S1 and S2 can be set to either Edge Mode, Pulse Mode or Edge/Toggle Mode. Edge Mode: The Position of the external switch determines the switching state of the relay. After a wireless switching command it may be needed to operate the switch twice to return to the direct relation of switch position and relay state. Toggle Mode: Each ON-Position of the external switch will toggle the state of the relays. This mode is particularly suited for mono-stable switches. Edge/Toggle-Mode: Every change of the state of the external switch results in a change of the relay state. Default setting: Edge Mode</Help>
<Item label="Edge Mode" value="1" />
<Item label="Pulse Mode" value="2" />
<Item label="Edge/Toggle Mode" value="3" />
<Value type="list" genre="config" instance="1" index="2" label="Switch state after cycling power" min="0" max="2" value="1" size="1">
<Help>When the AC power returns, e.g. after a power failure, the relay states can be set to Off, On or to retain it's last state . Default setting: Retain last state</Help>
<Item label="Switch Off" value="0" />
<Item label="Retain last state" value="1" />
<Item label="Switch On" value="2" />
<Value type="list" genre="config" instance="1" index="3" label="Manual On/Off mode" min="0" max="1" value="1" size="1">
<Help>The On/Off function of S1、S2 and learn switch can be disabled or enabled by this parameter, default value is Enable. But the learning operation won’t be affected. When manual On/Off function is disabled, the RF command can only switch On but not Off. This is useful function for keeping the device in switch on state</Help>
<Item label="Disable manual On/Off" value="0" />
<Item label="Enable manual On/Off" value="1" />
<Value type="list" genre="config" instance="1" index="4" label="LED indication mode" min="1" max="3" size="1" value="1">
<Help>Controls the light indicator in the device
Switch State: When switch is on, LED is on. When switch is off, LED is off. (default)
Night mode: When switch is on, LED is off. When switch is off, LED is on.
One flash: When the device changes state, the LED illuminates for one second.
<Item label="Switch state" value="1"/>
<Item label="Night mode" value="2"/>
<Item label="One flash" value="3"/>
<Value type="short" genre="config" instance="1" index="5" label="Auto off" min="0" max="32767" value="0">
<Help>After being switched on, the relays can be set to automatically switch off after the specified time. Available settings: 1-32767: time in seconds, 0: function disabled. Default setting: 0</Help>
<Value type="list" genre="config" instance="1" index="6" label="Z-Wave Off command action" min="0" max="3" value="0" size="1">
<Help>Action when a Z-Wave Off command is received. Default setting: Switch Off</Help>
<Item label="Switch Off" value="0" />
<Item label="Ignore" value="1" />
<Item label="Toggle switch" value="2" />
<Item label="Switch On" value="3" />
<CommandClass id="96" mapping="endpoints" />
<!-- COMMAND_CLASS_ALARM does not respond to requests -->
<CommandClass id="113" action="remove" />
<!-- Association Groups -->
<CommandClass id="133">
<Associations num_groups="1">
<Group index="1" max_associations="1" label=" Report ON/OFF status of Relay" />

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