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@spalladino spalladino released this Aug 15, 2018 · 919 commits to master since this release


  • Add check for selfdestruct calls in logic contracts that could lead to orphaned proxies (#347) (thanks @HardlyDifficult)
  • New verify command to verify and publish a contract source code on etherchain (#339)
  • Support for multiple versions on docsite (#8)


  • Handle stdlib semver syntax in the status command (#290)
  • Better wording from status command when a contract is scheduled to be removed (#304)
  • Fail with an explicit error when attempting to create a proxy for an stdlib that was linked but not pushed to the network (#322)
  • Include default timeout in --timeout flag help (#302)
  • Fix naming issues of upgrade-command-related files (#327)
  • Modes --fetch and --fix from the status command now work properly with lib projects (#314)


  • Merged cli, lib, and docs repositories into a monorepo managed via lerna.
  • Swapped TestApp initializer parameters, it now accepts txParams first and an optional ZosNetworkFile object as a last argument.
  • Contract deployments and transactions are executed with an estimate of the gas needed, instead of using the network default (#211)
  • Promisify all web3 function calls (#205)
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