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OpenZeppelin SDK example: creating upgradeable contracts from Solidity

This project demonstrates how to create instances of upgradeable contracts using contract factory. It consists of two smart contracts: Instance (a simple contract that stores a value) and Factory which is a contract factory to create Instance contracts. In this example, we use the script executed with Truffle, but the entire process can be also done from the openzeppelin CLI.

Running the project

To run this project locally first, install all dependencies with:

$ npm install

Then start a ganache instance by running:

$ npx ganache-cli --port 9545

Next run index.js script using the command:

$ npm run start

The code

index.js script executes the whole process of the creation of upgradeable contracts from another contract including contracts compilation, openzeppelin project initiation, registering contracts in the openzeppelin project, pushing them to the network, creating Factory contract and then using it to create upgradeable Instance contract.

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