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OpenZeppelin SDK example: using @openzeppelin/upgrades programmatic library

The OpenZeppelin SDK has a JavaScript library that (besides the CLI) can be used directly to operate OpenZeppelin SDK projects. It can be especially useful when a programmatic interface is preferred or more flexibility and lower-level access is required.

How this example works

This project contains two smart contracts: MyContractV0 and MyContractV1. The V1 contract is an upgrade for the V0 contract and we use the OpenZeppelin SDK library to apply this upgrade.

const instance = await project.createProxy(MyContractV0, { initArgs: [42] });
await project.upgradeProxy(instance.options.address, MyContractV1);

index.js script executes the process of creating an upgradeable instance of V0 contract and upgrading it to V1.

Running this project

To run this project locally first, install all dependencies with:

$ npm install

Then start a ganache instance by running:

$ npx ganache-cli -p 8545

Next run index.js script using the command:

$ npm run start
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