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Simple project highlighting the integration the OpenBack library into an Android application.
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OpenBack Android Sample App

This application is a simple project highlighting the integration of the OpenBack library into an Android application. It shows how to set custom trigger values using the OpenBack SDK. It also comes with a ready made OpenBack app code, which has already been setup with some simple campaigns reacting to the trigger values. The application is setup to use Firebase messaging for demonstration purposes.

For the full Android integration guide, check out the OpenBack Documentation.

How the sample app was setup

The application build.gradle file was modified with the following:

repositories {
    maven { url '' }
dependencies {
    compile "com.openback:OpenBack:2.+"

An icon named ic_notification_icon was created and added to the application resources. This is the icon used for notifications on Android 5+.

A sound file named ding was added to the raw resources. This is the sound used when the notification is triggered.

A file named openback.json was added to the assets folder with the following content:

    "appCode": "IYYTNHSYZA",
    "notification": {
        "icon_material": {
            "name": "ic_notification_icon",
            "type": "drawable",           
            "color": "#231F20"            
        "light": {
            "color": "#FF4081",           
            "onMs": 500,                 
            "offMs": 1000                
        "vibrate": {
            "pattern": [ 100, 200,  100, 200 ] 
        "sound": {
            "name": "ding",               
            "type": "raw"                 

The Application class was tweaked to setup OpenBack during its onCreate() call. Setting up OpenBack in the application class is preferred to a setup in the main activity as your application might be launched with a different activity.

Check the Main activity to see how the custom triggers are called. For example:

OpenBack.setCustomTrigger(context, OpenBack.CUSTOM_TRIGGER_1, "Bob");

Firebase was setup by following the official documentation found at

Notes on Firebase

For security reasons, the google-services.json file is not part of the sample app. If you want to test with firebase, follow the Firebase setup and add the json file in the app folder. Creating a new application and setting the server key is recommended.

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