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Simple project highlighting the integration the OpenBack library into an iOS application.
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OpenBack iOS Sample App

This application is a simple project highlighting the integration of the OpenBack library into an iOS application. It shows how to set custom trigger values using the OpenBack SDK. It also comes with a ready made OpenBack app code, which has already been setup with some simple campaigns reacting to the trigger values.

For the full iOS integration guide, check out the OpenBack Documentation.

How the sample app was setup

A one view iOS application was created. The project capabilities were updated as listed in the integration guide.

Cocoapods Podfile was added using pod init and edited to add pod OpenBack as well as enabling the dynamic framework feature.

The App Delegate was tweaked to setup OpenBack in the didFinishLaunchingWithOptions call.

Check the View Controller to see how the custom triggers are called. For example:

[OpenBack setValue:@"Bob" forCustomTrigger:kOBKCustomTrigger1 error:&error];
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