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do not send OConly notifications for ignored caches; fixes #965

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following5 committed May 12, 2016
1 parent bb64172 commit 0ba4e0ce99e76e37ea8d26f5f2a4ce27141421df
Showing with 3 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +3 −1 htdocs/util/notification/run_notify.php
@@ -45,6 +45,7 @@
`caches`.`name` as `cachename`, `caches`.`latitude` AS `lat2`, `caches`.`longitude` as `lon2`, `caches`.`wp_oc`, `caches`.`date_hidden`,
`caches`.`type` AS `cachetype`, `caches`.`size` AS `cachesize`,
`cache_ignore`.`cache_id` IS NOT NULL AS `ignored`,
`ca`.`attrib_id` IS NOT NULL AS `oconly`
FROM `notify_waiting`
INNER JOIN `caches` ON `notify_waiting`.`cache_id`=`caches`.`cache_id`
@@ -53,12 +54,13 @@
INNER JOIN `cache_type` ON `caches`.`type`=`cache_type`.`id`
INNER JOIN `cache_size` ON `caches`.`size`=`cache_size`.`id`
INNER JOIN `cache_status` ON `caches`.`status`=`cache_status`.`id`
LEFT JOIN `cache_ignore` ON `cache_ignore`.`cache_id`=`caches`.`cache_id` AND `cache_ignore`.`user_id`=`notify_waiting`.`user_id`
LEFT JOIN `caches_attributes` `ca` ON `ca`.`cache_id`=`caches`.`cache_id` AND `ca`.`attrib_id`=6",
while ($rNotify = sql_fetch_array($rsNotify))
if ($rNotify['allow_user_view'])
if ($rNotify['allow_user_view'] && !$rNotify['ignored'])
sql("DELETE FROM `notify_waiting` WHERE `id` ='&1'", $rNotify['id']);

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