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The Opencaching code is stored in UTF-8 files, and it is fully UTF-8 enabled.
Pay attention to the Unicode disclaimer at the source file headers, which
indicates that the file encoding is intact.

The database charset of MySQL / MariaDB needs special attention. Prior to
version 5.5, there was unly an 'utf8' charset which is limited to 16-bit
Unicode characters; UTF-8 codes are 1 to 3 bytes per character. Starting
with MySQL 5.5, the additional 'utf8mb4' charset was introduced, which supports
full 21-bit Unicode and UTF-8 codes of 1 to 4 bytes (therefore 'mb4').

PHP code uses always the full 21-bit Unicode. If you try to store Unicode chars
> 65535 into an 'utf8' database field, the SQL server will produce a warning
and cripple the stored data somehow - replacing mb4 chars by '?', removing them
or even cutting off the rest of the string.

If you set up a new OC installation, you usually will start with 'utf8' charset.
Table templates in htdocs/sql/doc/tables have 'utf8' charset; provided database
dumps probably are 'utf8', too. If your server supports 'utf8mb4', you may
migrate your database to this charset (attention, this may be a one-way road;
see the warning below). The migration involves the following steps:

- Set the database default charset to utf8mb4:
(or use phpMyAdmin to change the database collation)

- Change the OC settings to utf8mb4 by adding this to lib1 and lib2 settings:
$opt['charset']['mysql'] = 'utf8mb4';

- Migrate the tables by running bin/dbupdate.

This will enable full Unicode for both OC and OKAPI operation.

WARNING: There is no way to automatically migrate back to 'utf8', because
that will lose any non-16-bit Unicode characters (probably being replaced
by question marks). If you are absolutely sure that you want to do this,
you may temporarily alter the check_tables_charset() function in bin/dbsv-update.php
to accomplish it.

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