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hide inactive new caches on all-but-Germany page (newcachesrest)

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following committed Aug 24, 2012
1 parent c32a4b0 commit 583a024e949b52e4d84415f58ab5e0eb6f5afae3
@@ -16,6 +16,6 @@ date commit ID change
- add and initialize cache_logs(_archived).okapi_syncbase
See installation instructions at

2012-08-24 added cache_rating.rating_date and index 'date'; must be initialized by:
2012-08-24 c32a4b06f added cache_rating.rating_date and index 'date'; must be initialized by:
UPDATE cache_rating SET rating_date = (SELECT MIN(`date`) FROM cache_logs WHERE cache_logs.cache_id=cache_rating.cache_id AND cache_logs.user_id=cache_rating.user_id AND cache_logs.type IN (1,7))
added trigger cacheRatingBeforeInsert
@@ -29,6 +29,7 @@
INNER JOIN `countries` ON `countries`.`short`=`caches`.`country`
LEFT JOIN `sys_trans` ON `countries`.`trans_id`=`sys_trans`.`id`
LEFT JOIN `sys_trans_text` ON `sys_trans`.`id`=`sys_trans_text`.`trans_id` AND `sys_trans_text`.`lang`='&1'
WHERE `status` = 1
ORDER BY `country_name`, `caches`.`date_created` DESC LIMIT 200",
while ($rNewCache = sql_fetch_assoc($rsNewCaches))
@@ -29,7 +29,8 @@
<li class="changelogitem">neue <a href="./articles.php?page=donations">Bankverbindung</a> bekanntgegeben</li>
<li class="changelogitem">übersichtlichere Darstellung von Cachemeldungen für das OC-Supportteam</li>
<li class="changelogitem">Platz für neue Caches: Beschränkung auf 65535 Listings (OCFFFF, inkl. archivierter Caches) aufgehoben</li>
<li class="changelogitem">spanische Übersetzung vervollständigt</li>
<li class="changelogitem">spanische Übersetzung vervollständigt</li>
<li class="changelogitem">inaktive Caches auch auf der <a href="./newcachesrest.php">Alle-außer-Deutschland-Seite</a> ausgeblendet</li>
<p>Korrigiert (Bugfixes):</p>
<ul class="changelog">
@@ -31,6 +31,7 @@
<li class="changelogitem">better display of cache reports for the support team</li>
<li class="changelogitem">removed 65565-cache-listings-limit (OCFFFF, including archived caches)</li>
<li class="changelogitem">Completed Spanish translations</li>
<li class="changelogitem">hidden inaktive new Caches on <a href="./newcachesrest.php">All-but-Germany</a> page</li>
<ul class="changelog">

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