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For waypoint assignment to new caches, it was required to run the cro…

…njob first. Now, the new waypoint will be generated on demand, if the pool with unused waypoints is empty.
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ocoliver committed Nov 5, 2012
1 parent 9ce354a commit 797fa10e8379cf4598c0de7e59de2d5c114f4384
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@@ -94,9 +94,22 @@ function setCacheWaypoint($cacheid)
// reserve a waypoint
sql("UPDATE `cache_waypoint_pool` SET `cache_id`='&1' WHERE `cache_id` IS NULL ORDER BY WPTODEC(`wp_oc`, '&2') ASC LIMIT 1", $cacheid, $opt['logic']['waypoint_pool']['prefix']);
// TODO: cronjob for waypoint pool generation may not run on development systems
// add a fix to generate a new waypoints on demand (insert this new waypoint to cache_waypoint_pool with reserved cache_id
// and follow standard assignment code to prevent race conditions with cronjob)
if (sqlValue("SELECT `wp_oc` FROM `cache_waypoint_pool` WHERE `cache_id`='" . ($cacheid+0) . "'", "") == "")
// waypoint reservation was not successfull. Maybe we are on a development machine, where cronjob for waypoint pool
// generation did not run or the pool is empty. To get a valid waypoint, we simply increment the highest used waypoint by one.
// (note: this ignores the setting of $opt['logic']['waypoint_pool']['fill_gaps'])
// CAUTION: This statement is realy slow and you should always keep your waypoint pool filled with some waypoint on a production server
sql("INSERT INTO `cache_waypoint_pool` (`wp_oc`, `cache_id`)
SELECT DECTOWP(MAX(`dec_wp`)+1, '&1'), '&2' AS `cache_id`
SELECT MAX(WPTODEC(`wp_oc`, '&1')) AS dec_wp FROM `caches` WHERE `wp_oc` REGEXP '&3'
UNION SELECT MAX(WPTODEC(`wp_oc`, '&1')) AS dec_wp FROM `cache_waypoint_pool`
) AS `tbl`",
'^' . $opt['logic']['waypoint_pool']['prefix'] . '[' . $opt['logic']['waypoint_pool']['valid_chars'] . ']{1,}$');
// assign reserved waypoint to the cache
// for the moment, we use IGNORE to catch duplicate keys that occur in any failure case

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