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cachelist form detail improvements

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following5 committed Jun 29, 2015
1 parent ab16e74 commit b40935ca018f80fd81a97c58aa0c05084bcb6680
Showing with 7 additions and 9 deletions.
  1. +4 −2 htdocs/doc/sql/static-data/data.sql
  2. +3 −7 htdocs/templates2/ocstyle/mylists.tpl
@@ -2653,7 +2653,8 @@ INSERT INTO `sys_trans` (`id`, `text`, `last_modified`) VALUES ('2217', 'don\'t
INSERT INTO `sys_trans` (`id`, `text`, `last_modified`) VALUES ('2218', 'Another of your cache lists already has this name.', '2015-06-17 10:09:14');
INSERT INTO `sys_trans` (`id`, `text`, `last_modified`) VALUES ('2219', 'minimum length for public lists is 10 characters', '2015-06-17 10:09:14');
INSERT INTO `sys_trans` (`id`, `text`, `last_modified`) VALUES ('2220', 'You are still watching this geocache via one or more cache lists.', '2015-06-17 10:09:14');
INSERT INTO `sys_trans` (`id`, `text`, `last_modified`) VALUES ('2250', 'without Geokrets', '2013-11-03 10:09:14');
INSERT INTO `sys_trans` (`id`, `text`, `last_modified`) VALUES ('2221', 'Create new cachelist', '2015-06-17 10:09:14');
INSERT INTO `sys_trans` (`id`, `text`, `last_modified`) VALUES ('2225', 'without Geokrets', '2013-11-03 10:09:14');

-- Table sys_trans_ref
SET NAMES 'utf8';
@@ -6788,7 +6789,8 @@ INSERT INTO `sys_trans_text` (`trans_id`, `lang`, `text`, `last_modified`) VALUE
INSERT INTO `sys_trans_text` (`trans_id`, `lang`, `text`, `last_modified`) VALUES ('2218', 'DE', 'Eine andere deiner Cachelisten hat bereits den gleichen Name.', '2013-11-03 10:09:14');
INSERT INTO `sys_trans_text` (`trans_id`, `lang`, `text`, `last_modified`) VALUES ('2219', 'DE', 'Mindestlänge für öffentliche Listen ist 10 Zeichen', '2013-11-03 10:09:14');
INSERT INTO `sys_trans_text` (`trans_id`, `lang`, `text`, `last_modified`) VALUES ('2220', 'DE', 'Du beobachtest diesen Geocache weiterhin über eine oder mehrere Cachelisten.', '2013-11-03 10:09:14');
INSERT INTO `sys_trans_text` (`trans_id`, `lang`, `text`, `last_modified`) VALUES ('2250', 'DE', 'ohne Geokrets', '2013-11-03 10:09:14');
INSERT INTO `sys_trans_text` (`trans_id`, `lang`, `text`, `last_modified`) VALUES ('2221', 'DE', 'Neue Cacheliste anlegen', '2013-11-03 10:09:14');
INSERT INTO `sys_trans_text` (`trans_id`, `lang`, `text`, `last_modified`) VALUES ('2225', 'DE', 'ohne Geokrets', '2013-11-03 10:09:14');

INSERT INTO `sys_trans_text` (`trans_id`, `lang`, `text`, `last_modified`) VALUES ('1', 'EN', 'Reorder IDs', '2010-09-02 00:15:30');
INSERT INTO `sys_trans_text` (`trans_id`, `lang`, `text`, `last_modified`) VALUES ('2', 'EN', 'The database could not be reconnected.', '2010-08-28 11:48:07');
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@

<div class="content2-pagetitle">
<img src="resource2/{$}/images/misc/32x32-list.png" style="align: left; margin-right: 10px;" width="32" height="32" />
{if $edit_list}{t}Edit cache list{/t}{else}{t}My cache lists{/t}{/if}
{if $newlist_mode}{t}Create new cachelist{/t}{elseif $edit_list}{t}Edit cache list{/t}{else}{t}My cache lists{/t}{/if}

{if $invalid_waypoints}
@@ -26,6 +26,7 @@
<form method="post" action="mylists.php">
&nbsp;<input type="submit" name="new" value="{t}Create new list{/t}" class="formbutton widebutton" />
<br />

@@ -41,20 +42,15 @@

<br />
<form method="post" action="mylists.php?id={$listid}" name="editdesc" id="editlist_form">
{if $edit_list}<input type="hidden" name="listid" value="{$listid}" />{/if}
<input id="descMode" type="hidden" name="descMode" value="3" />
<input type="hidden" id="switchDescMode" name="switchDescMode" value="0" />
{if $fromsearch}<input type="hidden" name="fromsearch" value="{$fromsearch}" />{/if}

<table class="table" id="addlist" {if !($name_error || $edit_list || $newlist_mode)}style="display:none"{/if}>
{if !$edit_list}
<td colspan="2"><b>{t}Create new list{/t}:</b></td>
<tr><td class="separator"></td></tr>
<tr><td class="separator"></td></tr>
<td><input type="text" id="list_name" name="list_name" maxlength="80" value="{$list_name}" class="input500" /></td>

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