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added logout function in fullscreen map

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following committed Mar 19, 2013
1 parent 035b2c5 commit d5ee4baef8c6c8adcd6d53f74a18736afe214d72
INSERT INTO `sys_trans_text` (`trans_id`, `lang`, `text`, `last_modified`) VALUES ('221', 'DE', 'Neues Passwort eingeben', '2010-08-28 11:48:06');
INSERT INTO `sys_trans_text` (`trans_id`, `lang`, `text`, `last_modified`) VALUES ('222', 'DE', 'Erinnerung schicken', '2010-08-28 11:48:06');
INSERT INTO `sys_trans_text` (`trans_id`, `lang`, `text`, `last_modified`) VALUES ('223', 'DE', 'Tonga', '2010-08-28 11:48:06');
INSERT INTO `sys_trans_text` (`trans_id`, `lang`, `text`, `last_modified`) VALUES ('224', 'DE', 'Bitte die Felder Benutzer und Passwort ausfüllen!', '2010-08-28 11:48:06');
INSERT INTO `sys_trans_text` (`trans_id`, `lang`, `text`, `last_modified`) VALUES ('224', 'DE', 'Bitte die Felder Benutzername und Passwort ausfüllen!', '2010-08-28 11:48:06');
INSERT INTO `sys_trans_text` (`trans_id`, `lang`, `text`, `last_modified`) VALUES ('225', 'DE', 'Logout war erfolgreich.', '2010-08-28 11:48:06');
INSERT INTO `sys_trans_text` (`trans_id`, `lang`, `text`, `last_modified`) VALUES ('226', 'DE', 'Der Login war nicht erfolgreich.', '2010-08-28 11:48:06');
INSERT INTO `sys_trans_text` (`trans_id`, `lang`, `text`, `last_modified`) VALUES ('227', 'DE', 'Die eingegebene Benutzername/E-Mail-Adresse war ungültig.', '2010-08-28 11:48:06');
@@ -14,7 +14,10 @@
/* because the map does access some private info like
* ignored caches, we need to verify the login data
if (isset($_REQUEST['action']) && isset($_REQUEST['action']) == 'logout')
// check for peculiar browsers
$ua = isset($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']) ? $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] : "";
Binary file not shown.
@@ -58,6 +58,7 @@
<input type="submit" name="submit" value="{t}Login{/t}" class="formbutton" onclick="submitbutton('submit')" />
<tr><td class="spacer" colspan="2"></td></tr>

@@ -2085,7 +2085,7 @@ function toggle_attribselection(bSaveCookies)
{* login status *}
<td rowspan="2">&nbsp;&nbsp;</td>
<td rowspan="2" class="maplogin">
{if $username != ""}{t}Logged in as{/t}<br /><a href="myhome.php"><b>{$username}</b></a>{else}<a href="login.php?target=map2.php%3Fmode%3Dfullscreen">{t}Login{/t} ...</a>{/if}
{if $username != ""}{t}Logged in as{/t}<br /><a href="myhome.php"><b>{$username}</b></a> &nbsp;<a href="map2.php?action=logout&mode=fullscreen"><img src="resource2/ocstyle/images/action/15x13-logout.png" style="margin-bottom:2px" alt="{t}Logout{/t}" title="{t}Logout{/t}"></a>{else}<a href="login.php?target=map2.php%3Fmode%3Dfullscreen">{t}Login{/t}...</a>{/if}
<td rowspan="2">&nbsp;&nbsp;</td>

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