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This will help to use opencart with CLI over some basic need.
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Webkul opencart console application


Webkul opencart console application is used to automate the opencart installation, module creation, clearing the cache files and database import/export via console commands.

Getting started

Clone this project over the directory where you will keep your opencart root setup.


Before using this app, you must have opencart installed (not for the opencart installer console) on your server and composer on your system. If composer is not installed on your system then run the following commands-

  • Syntax: curl -s | php
  • Syntax: php composer.phar install
  • After successfully installation of composer, you will see "vendor" and "composer.phar" directory and file (PHP Archive).


Please follow the instruction to use this with opencart platform.

  1. Put app and src folder and composer.json file on your installation root

  2. Open your command/terminal and go to your desired installation directory

  3. To download run command [composer install] and if you have made any changes to in your composer.json file for version then run command [composer update]

  4. After the composer is installed successfully, now you can use the console commands by following below instruction.

Opencart Installer

This console command is used to install the opencart on your system

How to use

By using this console app you can create Opencart setup for the 2.x.x.x,3.x.x.x versions.

  • Step 1: Execute the following command on console
    • Syntax: app/console setup:install-opencart
  • Step 2: Enter required options.
    • Syntax: --db_hostname=localhost --db_username=root --db_password=root --db_database=console --db_port=80 --db_prefix=oc_ --username=admin --password=admin --http_server= --oc_version= --destination=/path/of-the-your/opencart-setup
  • Step 3: If all the options are valid then required opencart will be downloaded and installed.
  • Step 4: You will get your store and admin url with success message.

Module genrator

This console command is used to create skeleton of the basic module file structure on admin and catalog as well.

How to use

run command [app/console generate:module] and answer the questions and at last your extension will be ready, which you can see at your admin side and now you can start writing your logic for particular extension.

Database import/export

This console command is used to export/import sql from/on the opencart database.

How to use

For Show all list of opencart table

command : php app/console app:oc-sql oc_tables

Export all table

command : php app/console app:oc-sql export all

Export single table

command : php app/console app:oc-sql export table_name

Import table

command : php app/console app:oc-sql import table_name

Note : For import table we put the sql file inside the sql_import folder

and export command file will be in sql_export folder

Opencart cache clear

This console command is used to clear the cache of your project using the command mentioned below.

Run the command

  • app/console clearcache

Opencart create dummy data

This console command is used to create dummy data for Customer, Order, Product, Category.

How to use

for create dummy product

command : php app/console app:dummy-data create-product

for create dummy customer

command : php app/console app:dummy-data create-customer

for create dummy category

command : php app/console app:dummy-data create-category

for create dummy order

command : php app/console app:dummy-data create-order


This project is still under process. There are some command need to add.

Versioning .



This project is licensed under the Webkul Software Private Limited License - see the file for details


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