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Statistics about the association
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Statistics about the association, compiled into Data Packages using simple data formats such as CSV, JSON and GeoJSON. Relevant files are added to the data folder. If you are looking for open datasets in general, visit our website,, or github/datasets.

A description of the currently published packages follows below.

#opendatach19 DataHub

The data collected here was initially prepared by the unconference organisers. The image below is excerpted from the initial analysis of community needs, as described in the blog post. You can also explore this data at DataHub.

Some of the data here was compiled and published as an online spreadsheet (Google Sheets), others come from APIs and other Data Packages. In the you will find a DataFlows script that copies the latest statistics into the data, tests for consistency and prepares a datapackage.json schema.


To run the scripts locally and update the Data Packages, use these commands:

pip install dataflows

For additional background see the documentation at and


This repository is made available by its maintainers under the Open Data Commons Public Domain Dedication and License v1.0, a copy of the full text of which is in

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