ODR-DabMod is a DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) modulator, part of the ODR-mmbTools.
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ODR-DabMod is a DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) modulator compliant to ETSI EN 300 401. It is the continuation of the work started by the Communications Research Center Canada, and is now pursued in the Opendigitalradio project.

ODR-DabMod is part of the ODR-mmbTools tool-set. More information about the ODR-mmbTools is available in the guide, available on the Opendigitalradio mmbTools page.


  • Reads ETI and EDI, outputs compliant COFDM I/Q
  • Supports native DAB sample rate and can also resample to other rates
  • Supports all four DAB transmission modes
  • Configuration file support, see doc/example.ini
  • Integrated UHD output for USRP devices
    • Tested for B200, B100, USRP2, USRP1
    • With WBX daughterboard (where appropriate)
  • SoapySDR output
  • Timestamping support required for SFN
  • GPSDO monitoring (both Ettus and ODR LEA-M8F board)
  • Monitoring integration with munin
  • A FIR filter for improved spectrum mask
  • TII insertion
  • Logging: log to file, to syslog
  • ETI sources: ETI-over-TCP, file (Raw, Framed and Streamed) and ZeroMQ
  • A Telnet and ZeroMQ remote-control that can be used to change some parameters during runtime and retrieve statistics. See doc/README-RC.md for more information
  • ZeroMQ PUB and REP output.
  • Ongoing work about digital predistortion for PA linearisation. See dpd/README.md
  • A prototype algorithm for crest factor reduction.

The src/ directory contains the source code of ODR-DabMod.

The doc/ directory contains the ODR-DabMod documentation, an example configuration file and a script for munin integration.

The lib/ directory contains source code of libraries needed to build ODR-DabMod.

The dpd/ directory contains the digital predistortion project. It's goal is to reduce distortion that is caused by the non-linearity of the PA.


See the INSTALL file for installation instructions.


See the files LICENCE and COPYING


Matthias P. Braendli matthias [at] mpb [dot] li

Pascal Charest pascal [dot] charest [at] crc [dot] ca

With thanks to other contributors listed in AUTHORS