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ETISnoop analyser

The ETISnoop analyser decodes a RAW ETI file and prints out its contents in YAML for easier analysis.

It can show information about the signalling, details about the FIGs, and extract a DAB+ subchannel into a file.


etisnoop is using autotools. If you do not have a release containing a ./configure script, run ./

Install prerequisites: A C++ compiler with complete C++11 support and libfaad-dev

Then do

sudo make install


This is a contribution from, now developed by Opendigitalradio, and is published under the terms of the GNU GPL v3 or later. See LICENCE for more information.


faadalyse can extract the audio from .dabp files created with ODR-AudioEnc, and is designed to do more in-depth analysis of the AAC encoding using a modified libfaad.

To install:

download and extract faad2-2.7 to a folder of the same name, and configure and compile it. You can patch that faad library to display additional information you need. Do not run make install.

Then run

make -f Makefile.faadalyse