An Openframe format extension which enables display of videos via omxplayer.
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Openframe Video

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An Openframe format extension which enables display of downloadable videos via omxplayer.

For info on developing your own extensions, see the Openframe-Extension repo.

Video settings

Videos are played using omxplayer. By default, videos will fill the screen (cropping may occur) and will loop.

Artworks can pass arguments to omxplayer using the Artwork object's config property. Probably the most useful config argument is --aspect-mode, which allows an artwork to specify how it should size itself within the display.

// an example Artwork object with config
    "title": "Test Video",
    "is_public": false,
    "url": "",
    "thumb_url": "",
    "author_name": "Test",
    "plugins": {},
    "format": "openframe-video",
    "liked": false,
    "id": "571b91b8507bfb8922c89aad",
    "ownerId": "56c4802c30eda27c7a0de423",
    "created": "2016-04-23T15:16:08.870Z",
    "modified": "2016-04-23T15:16:08.870Z",
    "config": {
        // available options for --aspect-mode are:
        // fill: (default) cover entire screen, cropping video
        // fit: contain entire video within the screen, no cropping but black boxes
        // stretch: warp the video to fill the screen
        "--aspect-mode": "fit"