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  • Screen Patio is not conditioned.
  • Eliminate the return ducts? Can we just use the rooms/corridors to return air to main trunks?
  • Route bathroom exhausts up to roof
    • combine exhaust stacks as much as possible. Desapex: Okay this can be done
      • 3 exhaust penetrations on roof?
  • Okay to narrow plenum duct out of furnace to make room for stair? Desapex :Will reduce as much as possible
  • Move supply duct closer to east facing storefront to counteract cold drafts. Desapex:All floors ???
    • Also Include radiant heat along east facing storefront on 2nd floor. Desapex : We shall discuss on this
      • Might be valued engineered out, but include for permit set. Desapex : We shall discuss on this
  • Rerouted refrigerant lines to compressor . Desapex : This can be done the way required.
  • see ModelsARCHs HVAC Proposal.rvt file for other spatial/configuration proposals.Desapex : okay