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All the goodies from both Mixpanel and Plausible combined into one tool.


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An open-source alternative to Mixpanel

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Openpanel is a simple analytics tool for logging events on web, apps and backend. We have tried to combine Mixpanel and Plausible in the same product.

  • Visualize your data
    • Charts
      • Funnels
      • Line
      • Bar
      • Pie
      • Histogram
      • Maps
    • Breakdown on all properties
    • Advanced filters on all properties
    • Create beautiful dashboards with your charts
    • Access all your events
    • Access all your visitors and there history
  • Own Your Own Data
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Cloud or Self-Hosting
  • Real-Time Events
  • No cookies!
  • Privacy friendly
  • Cost-Effective
  • Predictable pricing
  • First Class React Native Support
  • Powerful Export API


Hey folks 👋🏻 Just a friendly heads-up: we're still in the early stages of this project. We have migrated from pages to app dir and made some major changes during the development of Openpanel, so everything is not perfect.


  • Nextjs - the dashboard
  • Fastify - event api
  • Postgres - storing basic information
  • Clickhouse - storing events
  • Redis - cache layer, pub/sub and queue


  • Tailwind
  • Shadcn
  • tRPC - will probably migrate this to server actions
  • Clerk - for authentication

Self hosting

I'll fill out this section when we're out of beta (might be sooner than that).

But it will probably be a CapRover recipe and Docker Compose scheme.