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3D Milling workflow

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Coding standards for 3D milling

The FABtotum personal FABricator is a RepRap-derived device, and as such shares a common set of CNC standards.

Some Gcodes are not supported, so if your code fails be aware:

Each line must have a command (G0, G1, etc)
Comments start with ;
Unrecognized Milling codes will lock the operation (T1, etc)
unless changed all movements are in millimeters.

Required Start Gcode:

All 3D milling operations should start with:

M3 S10000 ; set starting speed G4 S3 ;give it 3 seconds to start the brushless motor.

Required End Gcode:

all 3D milling operations should end with:

G4 S5 ; five seconds before stopping the mill M5 ; stop the milling motor

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