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Fusion 360 CAM setting

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Fusion 360 CAM Setting

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With Autodesk Fusion 360 (Here you can download the free trial) there is an useful utility for generate CAM gcodes.

Model your object using the “Model” section (you can also import files modeled with other programs).
Go to “CAM” section
Click on “Setup”: Here You can setup the origin, the orientation, the dimensions of on the stock.
In this section be careful the zero point have to be on the left-bottom corner, and the “Z” direction have to be concordant to the z direction of the printer (the tip of the arrow is where the bit enters).
Generate the toolpaths. You can choose to create 2D or 3D paths. In this case was generated a 3D path “Parallel”.
Select the tool from the list or generate a new one

After you generate toolpaths you have to postprocess the gcode.
Download the FABtotum's CAM postprocessor Here
Unzip it and copy the .cps file in Fusion 360's folder.
Path for Win: C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local\Autodesk\webdeploy\production\{randomID}\Applications\CAM360\Data\Posts
Path for Mac: Macintosh HD ▸ Applica ▸ Fusion360 ▸ Contents ▸ Libraries ▸ Applications ▸ CAM360 ▸ Data ▸ Posts
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