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Hybrid bed v1 spring loaded connector (aka pogo pins) removal

Alessio Cavalieri edited this page Feb 9, 2017 · 23 revisions


This guide is focused to bypass the spring loaded connectors (aka pogo pins) on the heated bed v1 PCB, after this mod swapping between heated bed and milling bed isn't very fast but printing at high bed temp it's much more reliable compared with the bed with spring loaded contacts, if the heating started in a cold room it's very fast, no more sparks :)


The electrical currents on play are high, CAUTION!!! The author of the article on this wiki (Alessio Cavalieri) assumes no responsibility for any damage caused by the failure of the mod, and consequent damages to things and persons, MOD AT YOUR OWN RISK!


  1. Unscrew the PCB from the Z axis arm
  2. Unsolder one of the three connectors on the PCB, this connector will become the bed connector
  3. Unsolder all the two spring loaded connectors on the heated bed, clean the solder pads
  4. Solder the heater, the LEDs and the thermistor wires, for heater i have used two 1,5 mm2 wires
  5. Intermediate check of functionality: i have connected a temporary 100 kOhm resistor to the thermistor wires (white) and a multimeter for voltage read to the heater wires (big black wires)
  6. If the check goes ok, put some heat shrink tube on the wires and lock them all with a cable ties and another big heat shrink on all
  7. With sandpaper, remove the solder mask from heater PCB, in order to expose the copper tracks of the heater terminals
  8. Solder the heater wires
  9. Solder the LEDs and the thermistor wires
  10. Put the bed on the magnet holders and connect the terminals

If all went right, after powering on the FABtotum should be read in FABui the bed temperature and works both the heating and the red LEDs on the bed.

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