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TGY ESC firmware Milling head

imarin2 edited this page Apr 30, 2017 · 1 revision

What is this?

It is about the firmware that goes on a milling head to control the motor using a servo input


FABtotum published the firmware used in the head for milling here:

The firmware does not include any history of development, but it is based on this one:

I wanted to see the changes, so I compared the content of the files and managed to get to the common ancestor where development diverged. I created a branch in a fork of the tgy project in the Opentotum repository:

Then, I applied the changes by FABtotum to the common-ancestor and created another branch:

This branch contains the same content of the FABtotum FAB-ESC repository, but including all the development history of tgy.

Finally, as an exercise, I updated the firmware with all the development going on on tgy from 2014 to today and created this branch:

This should have all the development of tgy and on top all the changes from FABtotum (except commenting out the headers instead of using define). I can say that avra compiles it. I have not tested it.

Why do I need this?

I am not sure to whom this may serve useful. Maybe to FABtotum themselves, as there might have been improvements in tgy that could improve the milling function of the FAB. Maybe if somebody else decides to make a milling head…

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