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The camera, which is used for 3D-Scanning and Computer Vision, is mounted on the Y axis, below the left-side linear bearing. The camera assembly is composed by the following parts:

  • A standard issue RPI-Camera Module
  • A longer Flex cable compatible with the Raspberry Pi UART
  • A custom made plastic camera casing/support

The camera is calibrated to focus on a specific distance instead of infinite. This is accomplished by turning the 3.5mm lens casing on top of the module. The RPI camera is well known to suffer from static shocks.

You can find complete raspicam Specs (PDF) here and official Software here

Board size: 25 x 24 mm (not including flex cable).

Because the focal length of the lens is roughly the same as the width of the sensor, it is easy to remember the field of view: at x meters away, you can see about x meters horizontally, assuming 4×3 stills mode. Horizontal field of view in 1080p video mode is 75% of that (75% H x 55% V sensor crop for 1:1 pixels at 1920×1080).


The camera can be cleaned with canned air first and a clean cloth. Do not apply force when cleaning the lens.

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