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hybrid head v1 extruder removal

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This guide is different from the guide to exchange the hotend of the v1 hybrid head. In this guide we care about the milling motor and the objective is to have the milling motor alone working in the head, whereas in other guides, the objective is to exchange the extruder even if that means destroying the milling capabilities.

I have not seen a guide that successfully exchanges the hotend and leaves the milling capabilities intact. If there is such a guide, when that is possible this guide will likely become obsolete.

With this guide you won't be able to put another extruder in place of the existing one. That is not the aim.


  1. Open the head and remove the plastic transparent tube and the snap fitting for the PTFE tube using a wrench:

  1. Disconnect the heater cartridge cables (or terminals of the resistor if it is a very original v1) and the thermistor cables:

  1. With a Dremel or similar rotatory tool, using a cutting disk, cut the extruder near the metal plate:

  1. With a Dremel or alike, carefully cut away the material preventing the extruder to be extracted from above. Then with some pliers grab the extruder from above and rotate to break the glue and pull to extract the remaining of the extruder.

Why are you so destructive?

According to FABtotum's original CAD, the axis of the motor was to be secured/attached in place with a bolt. Apparently then they changed attachment method (maybe by heating the outrunner body so that the hole gets bigger inserting the axis and letting it shrink when cooling it down). I was not in the mood to try to unveil if that was just that or that and glue, or any other means. In any case, given the extremely low quality of the original extruder/hotend not much is lost by being destructive.

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