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imarin diy bowden v6

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ProtoHead v6

The ProtoHead v6 is a very low cost opensource bowden printing head. It is based on a previous version, the ProtoHead v4, and reuses PCB and firmware from the earlier version.

Protohead v6

It is designed to be mostly replicated with the FABtotum, out of 3D printed parts and milled PCB.

Full FreeCAD source and KiCAD source is available here (look at the README).

You can look at the parts in Thingiverse here.

Protohead v6_2

In the thingiverse and in the repository there are several different designs for the cooling conduct. Some of them require homing to the right.

Related designs

Thingiverse user chuntguat adapted the design to support an e3d v6 hotend here. You can see this head in action in this Youtube video:


BTW, he has quite a nice FABtotum plexiglass hood.


Although it works, as most of the FAbtotum heads, cooling of the part is not great. This is a known issue. Some users are experimenting with delivering more current to the head, or using the 24V intended for the milling motor.

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