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The spindle is the part that holds the milling bit. It's connected to a DC brushess motor that can turn as fast as 14000 rpm.

It accept 1/8“ bits (3 to 3,5mm)

You can control it in the “Jog” panel with those commands:

  1. M3 S Turn on spindle on clockwise
  2. M5 Turn off spindle
  3. M4 S Turn on spindle on counterclockwise


  • M3 S13000

You can decide how fast the motor turn with this command:

M3 S where can vary between 7000 to 14000 rpm (if you use a value lower than 7000 the spindle will not start).

Use M3 command for standard mills (that are the most used), and M4 for counterclockwise mills (used just for special uses).

missing image millbit.jpg

For this mill use M3

missing image millbit_counter.jpg

For this mill use M4

Preflight check

  1. Check if the bit is correctly fastened to the spindle
  2. Move slowly the carriage with the head inserted in its working position where can turn without touching anything.
  3. To check if everything is correctly working copy and paste this Gcode in the “Jog”
  • M3 S7000 ;start spindle 7000 rpm
  • G4 S5 ;pause 5 seconds
  • M5 ;switch off spindle
  1. If eveything is working ok try to increase spin speed copy and paste this Gcode in the “Jog”
  • M3 S14000 ;start spindle 14000 rpm
  • G4 S5 ;pause 5 seconds
  • M5 ;switch off spindle
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