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  • 4 axis connector
  • 5th axis on a 4pole JST connector PH series 2mm connector
  • Endstop n1
  • Raspi GPIO header connector
  • Hotbed connection
  • Emergency switch
  • Case-door safety switch
  • Front door safety switch
  • YZ Endstops
  • 24 v Power supply
  • interior light output
  • Second Extruder temp
  • Head connector (this includes: Milling motor control, Extruder 1 heat control, Servo control, Servo powering, * Laser control & power, Head light power, probe input,fan control and an I2C bus, X endstops, led controls.
  • Board Fan power
  • additional 5V supply for Raspberry Pi (added to a later Revision of V1)


The Totumduino firmware is based on the Marlin firmware. The Totumduino firware source code can be found on GitHub at

Communications from the Raspberry Pi to the Totumduino uses a custom set of supported G-code. The G-code interpreter on the Totumduino interprets the commands into appropriate motion control actions.

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