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Operation Code


Operation Code is an open source community dedicated to getting military veterans coding, founded by David Molina, and maintained by over a dozen software developers with the support and involvement of the startup community.

Interested in frontend web development? Check out our React repo
Interested in backend web development? Check out our Rails repo
Interested in developing chatbots? Check out our Ruby repo

Releasing the source code for this project is meant to empower military veterans and all developers everywhere to contribute their ideas, energy and time to help close the nation's technical talent shortage with American patriots trained in modern software development. What could be better than reducing veterans unemployment with our very own?

Learn more at:

Donate securely at:

Questions? Get in touch:

Table of contents


Veteran-founded and led, Operation Code is on a mission to get more military veterans coding!

  • This repo no longer contains any code. It now serves as a central point to manage tasks that are either cross project or not having to do with code.
  • is made up of two apps. A javascript/react app that displays content and a rails backend that handles serving and processing data.
  • Source code Everything we do is open source.
  • Our roadmap gives a high level overview of where Operation Code is headed.


Ensure you review our Code of Conduct as well.

Check out our Start Here repo for more information on all of our projects.


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